How Watchtower secures Slack communications at Clinc

How Watchtower secures Slack communications at Clinc


Industry: Artificial Intelligence
Employees: 68
HQ Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Michael Laurenzano, CTO

Clinc, an enterprise artificial intelligence firm, secures their company communications using Watchtower’s DLP platform for Slack. CTO Michael Laurenzano credits Watchtower’s powerful features, ease of deployment, and incredible service in streamlining Clinc’s data loss prevention.

In the competitive world of artificial intelligence, Clinc occupies a unique niche—a mobile, voice-activated AI platform that provides instant, personalized answers to user questions.

Founded by a team of computer science professors at the University of Michigan, the Ann Arbor-based firm aims to revolutionize the way companies interact with their customers and push the boundaries of conversational AI.

Clinc’s advanced natural language capability has raving fans in a variety of industries, including banking, healthcare, and even fast-food drive-thru operations. Clinc has experienced an incredible 300% growth in revenue in the past year, with projections for another 300% increase this year. The Clinc team plans to expand to 140 employees and build a state-of-the-art, 26,000 square foot headquarters in Ann Arbor, thanks to a recent $52 million Series B funding round.

The challenge


“We are an enterprise, and we work with large enterprises, so we live and die by our InfoSec policies and practices,” explains Dr. Michael Laurenzano, Clinc’s CTO. Laurenzano has authored numerous publications on machine learning, computational systems, and computer architecture.

Like many cutting-edge startups, Clinc relies on Slack for team communication. With Slack’s instant transmission of data, information security is a major concern, particularly Data Loss Prevention (DLP). DLP ensures that confidential information, such as social security or credit card numbers, isn’t shared in Slack. Since Slack lacks built-in DLP functionality, the Clinc team had to find a third-party DLP Slack app, which was no easy feat.

Most of the apps on the market were either too complex or lacked sufficient functionality to properly secure Clinc’s Slack communications. One solution quickly emerged as the ideal app for their needs: Watchtower.

“Watchtower has it all - easy to stand up and deploy and with the right feature set to do what we need.”

Instant implementation

Unlike other DLP apps, which only work on the Slack Enterprise plan, Watchtower secures sensitive data on every Slack plan. Users can implement Watchtower’s data protection in seconds, without any complicated setup or fine-tuning.

Out of the box, Watchtower supports compliance with regulatory regimes like PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA. Watchtower also automatically scans for over 25 detectors of personally identifiable information (PII), ranging from credit card numbers to IP addresses.

In addition to the easy deployment, Watchtower’s personalized service impressed the Clinc team. “Once deployed, they came forth with recommendations for easy changes to improve configuration, and they follow up to make sure it does what I need it to do,” adds Laurenzano.

“Watchtower makes DLP policy creation and application easy. It's just so much easier than everything else we tried!”

Real-time protection, 24/7

Watchtower uses a three-step process to protect sensitive data in real-time: Discover, Classify, and Protect. Watchtower integrates easily & continuously monitors every message and file in Slack, scanning for sensitive information.

Using machine learning, the Watchtower bot classifies the data automatically, identifying sensitive information. Finally, users can either manually take action on the data or setup automated workflows to enforce security rules and reduce investigation time.

In addition to the robust Slack functionality, Watchtower provides enterprise-grade security for a company’s entire cloud footprint, including G-Suite, GitHub, and Amazon Web Services.

In an industry where information security is paramount, the team at Clinc is confident that Watchtower is protecting all of their data, all of the time.

“Having a solution that just works made Watchtower the obvious choice for us. These guys are awesome.”


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